Buyalov RR01 Black-Yellow minor defect

Preis: 14000Р. 14950Р.
Bei Zahlung mit einer in einer Fremdwährung ausgestellten Karte wird diese zum Wechselkurs der ausstellenden Bank (der Bank, die die Karte ausgestellt hat) in russische Rubel umgerechnet. Die Abbuchung von der Käuferkarte erfolgt in Rubel.
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Marke: Буялов
Produktnr.: РР01 черно-желтые

Dmitry Buyalov, a name behind all Vostok watch designs since early 2000-s, launches a watch brand of his own – BUYALOV.
RR01 (“RadioRoom”) diver is the first in the line of conceptual watch collections conceived by Dmitry that echoes a somewhat a very peculiar timepiece.
5-ChM marine clock. Built to withstand high sea faring ardors, it had been commissioned to Russian Navy way back in the early 60-s. Designed by craftsmen watchmakers to meet near zero tolerance standards set by Soviet Union MoD, it had been duly assigned for production at Vostok watch manufacture in the city of Chistopol.
Transcending the age of the Cold War and fall of the Berlin wall, it yet continues to serve the right time to the country’s naval force. Due to its timeless laconic and sturdy design combined with high precision and utmost durability, it acquired a global cult following when it had become commercially available in the 90-s.
Today you have a chance to find an incarnation of this fabulous timepiece on your wrist.
BUYALOV RR01 watch inherits all distinctive design cues of 5-ChM clock – case outline, double wall structure, highly legible dial, bead-blasted bezel displaying six characteristic peripheral screw heads.
All these classic features these days are saturated with top-notch modern technologies. On the surface there is an intricate bold and extremely robust case. The case design follows that of state-of-the-art submersibles. Like submarine hull it has two major components: inner “pressure” shell made of hard 316L steel alloy capable of withholding hefty 20 ATM and outer “light” wear- and scratch-proof casing made of high grade carbon-fiber.
Four medicine spec steel crews hold firmly in place black rubber strap that ideally matches deep black case exterior.
Heavily protected by layers of steel and carbon and tightly sealed with screw-on crown and back cover is the high precision, yet robust automatic movement NH35A sourced from Seiko. This renowned for its accuracy and durability “engine” drives baton shaped luminous hour/minute indicators pointing at Superluminova BGW9 A Grade stick hour marks – the result is instant time reading in murkiest underwater ever. Anti-glare coated thick sapphire lens is there to ensure crystal clear dial visibility for years of heavy duty use.
BUYALOV RR01 watch is loaded with fascinating details from the world of submarines. Be it the back cover with Typhoon SSBN propeller shape skillfully stamped into it or the nicely textured dial imitating anechoic tiles applied to vessel hull – these features combined with utter practicality and impressive wrist presence guarantee it will be fun to wear, fun to behold and… tell the pals the story about it.
Guarantee 12 months
Diameter The case diameter (with no crown) is 42 on top 46 on bottom
Case depth approx., mm 17
Dial Colour Black
Luminous Super-LumiNova BG W9 A grade
Case material Stainless steel 316L and carbon fiber
Hands PNP
Crown Screw-in
Lens Sapphire lens with anti-glare coating
Water Resistant 200m.
Strap type Rubber
Strap width 24-20
Handgelenkgröße, mm 21 cm.
Strap color Black
Movement SII NH35A
Automatic winding Yes
Manual winding Yes
Jewels 24
Accuracy -20 ~ +40 seconds per day
Power reserve 41 hour
Weight 127

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