Stainless still universal bezel with ceramic insert

Price: 2350Р.
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2 or more pieces: 2232Р.
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Product Code: Безель керамика черный универсальный

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Bezel replacement on purchased watch:

Fits to all classical Vostok Amphibia cases.
Indexes and numerals filled with luminous

Fit to cases: 420, 710, 120,960,060,090, 100, 110, 150, 020, 160, 670, 650,350
Diameter 39.5
Thickness 3.8
Comment Wire spring attached.
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Алексей on 30/01/2021
Based on 20 reviews.



Добрый день, подскажите будут еще в продаже?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Да, есть в производственных планах.
Juan Manuel on 28/01/2021
Based on 20 reviews.

Impressive bezel, beautiful, well executed... I'm really happy with it. Many thanks!
Nikolay on 11/01/2021
Based on 20 reviews.



Will it be in stock again?

text_answer No info.
Add the item to waiting list clicking Notify if available.
cpp on 02/01/2021
Based on 20 reviews.

+ Nice, moderately glossy finish
+ color of bezel is a much deeper, richer black than photos indicate
+ numbers and other markings appear white with no green tint in full daylight (slight indentation on bezel markings except for raised 12:00 pip)
+ 12:00 pip is very bright

While the 12:00 pip is very bright the lume on other markings is much more muted
- 12:00 pip is very highly raised and it seems likely that it will be damaged from everyday wear and tear

The bezel makes watches look like much more expensive, higher quality dive watches.
Randy Allen on 25/12/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Please, will this bezel fit the
Komandirskie case?

text_answer Yes.
Oscar on 15/12/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Lume question


How long does the lume on the bezel last for?

text_answer Couple hours. It depends on your sight.
Ricardo Carmo on 12/12/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Hello can you tell me, if this bezel fit on the komandirskie 35 case

text_answer Hello.
It fits.
mimi on 08/12/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Looks good.

Does it fit the 170 case?

text_answer Yes.
Николай on 18/11/2020
Based on 20 reviews.



На корпусе 710 этот безель хорошо будет смотреться? Он не слишком большой для этого корпуса?

text_answer Хорошо.
Нет, не большой.
Алексей on 15/09/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Люм, универсальные размеры

Немного дороговат, изначально нужно гнуть пружинку

В целом- хорошо
Valerio on 12/09/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

1 what color is this bezel?
2 are there other colors?
3 fits the Vostok Amphibian Classic 120813?

text_answer 1. Black.
2. No.
3. Yes.
Jorge Molina on 11/08/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Do you have another color options in lumed ceramic inserts?

Do you have another color options in lumed ceramic inserts?

Do you have another color options in lumed ceramic inserts?

text_answer No
Bartłomiej on 29/07/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

It looks much better than on photos here, ceramic instert is perfectly black, when it reflects ligth it looks more metallic black, quality is just perfect.

In my opinion it's way too thin, on bigger cases it looks like it was swapped from much smaller watch, additional milimeter or two in diameter would make it fit larger cases like 02 much better.
There's a lot of lume but it fades so quickly it's pretty much useless.

Gloss black insert, absolute top quality but it's rather thin, maybe it fits just perfect on 42 case but on larger one like 02 it looks small.
Слава on 28/07/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Добрый вечер, А рыжий на Нептуны такой будет?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Пока, неизвестно.
Сергей on 28/07/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Сталь, керамическая вставка, универсальный

К самому диску времени это не относится, нет "трещетки".


text_answer Здравствуйте
На 96-й корпус подойдёт.
Владимир on 27/07/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Выглядит отлично!

Похоже что их нет.

Подскажите пожалуйста вставка в безеле алюминиевая или керамическая? И какой люминофор нанесён на диск времени?
Заранее благодарю!

text_answer Вставка керамическая, люминофор Люмибрайт.
George on 14/07/2020
Based on 20 reviews.



Can this bezel fits Amphibian Classic 150349 ?

text_answer Yes.
on 12/07/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Is the finish matte or gloss?

text_answer Gloss
Emilio on 30/06/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

exactly, what color is it?

text_answer Black.
Николай on 19/06/2020
Based on 20 reviews.

Этот безель подойдёт к этим моделям:
(1) Амфибия SE 710555L (
- и -
(2) Амфибия SE 020B35 (

text_answer Подойдёт.

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