Vostok(Wostok) Uhr Komandirskie 350617

Preis: 6082Р.
Bei Zahlung mit einer in einer Fremdwährung ausgestellten Karte wird diese zum Wechselkurs der ausstellenden Bank (der Bank, die die Karte ausgestellt hat) in russische Rubel umgerechnet. Die Abbuchung von der Käuferkarte erfolgt in Rubel.
Ungefährer Preis:$82/€73/£62

Verfügbare Optionen

Add strap 22mm.:

Vostok 2431 automatic movement with central second hand

24 hours display

Date calendar

Over-winding safety device

32 jewels

Average daily rate: -20 ... + 60 sec.

Frequency: 19800 vibrations/hour

Power reserve not less than 31 hours

Stainless steel case and bracelet

Plexiglas lens

Water-resistance: 100 m

Dimensions: diameter - 42 mm, height - 15mm

Average term of service - 10 years

Produzent CJSC Chistopol Uhrenfabrik "VOSTOK"
Guarantee Vostok Factory 1 year guarantee
Case material Stainless Steel
Caseback Rostfreier Stahl
Lens Plastic, antique type
Water Resistant 100 meters
Strap type Stainless steel
Strap width 22
Movement 2431
Automatic winding Yes
Manual winding Yes
Accuracy -20 +60 sec/day
Power reserve Totally wound watches run not less than 36 hrs.
Average term of service 10 years

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Manchmal kann die Lieferzeit 30-45 Tage aus technischen Gründen betragen.


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Daisuke An 01.04.2021
Based on 13 reviews.

- The dial has inverted 8, 10, 14, 16 hour marks which allows me to wear it upside down on my left wrist. I prefer this because I can prevent the crown from digging into the back of my left hand, and I personally think the dial is more intuitive to use because the hour hand tracks the sun's movement.

- No bad points.

This is my sixth Vostok watch purchase from Meranom. I already own the k350607, which is the white dial version of this watch, and I liked so much that I decided to buy this black dial version too. Both versions are excellent.
I was expecting the watch to come on the bracelet shown in the photo (similar to the "Standard Amphibian Bracelet") but to my surprise it came on an Oyster-style bracelet with brushed solid links and a milled butterfly clasp. This bracelet is stylish, comfortable, does not pull any hairs off my very hairy arm, and makes the watch look and feel like a high-end watch. Thank you Vostok and Meranom for this "upgrade". I love this bracelet.
In the future I am hoping to change the bezel to a silver 24 hour bezel so that I can use it like a Glycine Airman purist watch.
heko An 13.03.2021
Based on 13 reviews.

Hi. Does it have stainless crown ?

text_answer Hello.
Yes, it does.
kere An 05.03.2021
Based on 13 reviews.

Hi. Are these watches under manufacturer's warranty? Also, is movement Chinese for all Vostoks? Thank you.

text_answer Hello.
All Vostok watches are under the manufacturer’s warranty.
All Vostok watches have in-house mechanical movements.
Djokit An 17.06.2020
Based on 13 reviews.

Highly legible and looks very rugged.
The black date wheel integrates nicely.
Lovely brushed finish and full stainless-steel.

Very sharp bezel.
As usual for Vostok, the lume is mediocre.

It wears much larger than I expected but not overly so, very good wrist presence. The dial is larger than most Vostok due to the retaining ring being absent, but that's a plus in my opinion.
The bezel is huge and very sharp, it makes operating it slightly less comfortable than on other models, but I appreciate the lume dot which I often miss on Vostok bezels.
The hands are not the same as displayed on the site, it has the same second hand as the 650541.
Case 35 is probably my favorite, it's large but hugs the wrist perfectly, unlike case 110.
The dial is probably the best 24h dial in the current production, the hour and minute markers are less mixed together than on the 24h k65 models.
I think it compares favourably to my beloved 650541. The case looks less crude and the dial is much easier to read. The bezel is also better even though I wish it was less hostile to my fingers. All in all, it's a great watch and I can't find a real fault, I love it.
Giuseppe An 26.03.2019
Based on 13 reviews.

I'm really impressed by this watch and and I'd like to buy it, also driven by the reputation and versatility of the brand, but I have a few question:

1) does the rotor of this watch ( Komandirskie 350617 ) have the initials of vostok?
2) If not, does the rotor on sale in the spare parts section fit this case?
Thank you in advance for your willingness

text_answer 1. Yes.
Necromago An 24.02.2018
Based on 13 reviews.

Наберите 24 часа.
Очень хорошая автономия.
Его прекрасное движение.


Покупка была сделана 28/10/2017 и получена менее чем через 15 дней.
Упаковка была очень хорошо сделана.
Я очень доволен своей покупкой.
Я ношу эти часы каждый день.
Вадим An 04.10.2017
Based on 13 reviews.

Можно ли при заказе скомплектовать вместо браслета черным Зулу ремешком?

text_answer Можно только купить ремешок как дополнительный товар.
Kuvera An 15.06.2017
Based on 13 reviews.

Very nice dial, case and bezel. Even if i put a customised one, i like the original (and its sharpness). It is a true 24hrs.

Nothing ...

Great watch, serious seller...
Sam An 15.08.2016
Based on 13 reviews.

Another fantastic Vostok watch from Meranom. I love the 24 hour display it's so unique. It was delivered so fast and well packaged. I sell many swiss watches in my job but only these great Vostok watches ever get noticed by my collectors.

The only problem I would say is that you cant just buy one Vostok, I cant stop collecting these watches there great.

Great watch and delivered so fast and very well packaged too.
Drazen An 18.03.2016
Based on 13 reviews.

everything is OK


The real clock with a nice bezel, 24 hours, this is my first but I think I will order at least another amphibian. everything is OK
Robert An 26.02.2016
Based on 13 reviews.

High quality of the watch. Very good contact with the shop. Fast delivery to the Polish (16 days). This is the first but not the last purchase in Meranom.
Robert An 25.02.2016 Robert  купил(а) этот товар в нашем магазине
Based on 13 reviews.

Высокое качество сборки. Красивый дизайн
High quality.Beautiful design
Wysoka jakość wykonania. Piękne wzornictwo

Очень приятно смотреть. Идеальный контакт с магазином. Время доставки 16 дней, а также доставка.
Very nice watch 24 h. Perfect contact with the shop. Great delivery time. 16 days, along with shipping to Polish
Bardzo ładny zegarek 24h. Idealny kontakt ze sklepem. Błyskawiczny czas realizacji zamówienia. 16 dni, razem z wysyłką do Polski
José Ramón An 20.01.2015
Based on 13 reviews.

Fantastic 24 h watch, with a beautiful and clear dial, and a very nice case. I like very much this new line of Komandirskie.
Three weeks from the order date to the arrive at home, in Spain. All perfect with Meranom, as usual.

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