Оплата с помощью банковских карт Visa, MasterCard

Online payment by means of credit cards (Visa, EuroCard/Mastercard)

You can pay account online using Visa and MasterCard bank cards.

All payments are free of commission.

Total sum of payments effected by a single Payer within one day shall not exceed 600,000,00 rub.

To make payments, you need to:

  • add good to basket
  • select bank card as payment option
  • go to payment gateway page for submitting card identification information.

If you have a foreign currency bank card, the money will be converted to your card currency using the exchange rate of your card's payment system (Visa, MasterCard).

Payments via bank cards are made through the processing center without commission.

Your card information is unavailable to MERANOM and may only be decrypted by the processing center.

Bank card payment services are provided by the processing center MaxKassa (RFI bank) or 2checkout.com.

The following bank cards are accepted: Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard.

Information security is provided using the SSL technology.

Your card information may only be decrypted by the processing center and is unavailable to Meranom.