Reloj mecánico VostokKomandirskie 650546. Vostok 2431 movimiento automático. Este reloj tiene una cuerda manual y una cuerda automática. Corona atornillada (acero). Resistencia al agua 20 atm (200 metros), es decir, se puede utilizar para bucear. En un conjunto: reloj, pasaporte para un producto, embalaje clásico individual de plástico o cartón. Producción de la fábrica de relojes JSC Chistopol Vostok (Rusia). 1 año de garantía. Vida útil de 10 años. La caja está hecha de acero inoxidable de alta calidad.

Productor Fábrica de relojes CJSC Chistopol "VOSTOK"
Guarantee Vostok Factory 1 year guarantee
Case width approx., mm. 41
Case depth approx., mm 15
Lug to lug size, mm. 49
Case material Stainless Steel
Bezel material Stainless steel
Lens Plastic, antique type
Water Resistant 200 meters
Strap type Stainless bracelet
Strap width 20
Movement 2431
Automatic winding Yes
Manual winding Yes
Jewels 31
Accuracy -20 +60 sec/day
Power reserve (hours) Totally wound watches run not less than 31 hrs.
Average term of service 10 years

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Чарлэс en 27/12/2022
Based on 22 reviews.

Сегодня получил часы по почте, большое спасибо.(5 дней из России в Голландию)
FlyBy en 25/11/2022
Based on 22 reviews.

is there a case back display that fits this watch?

Carlos en 03/03/2022
Based on 22 reviews.

24 Hour Dial
Color scheme

A bit sharp edges

In overall I love this watch. My favorite color is white so I really wanted to have it. The blue number dials and white color are perfet match. The case feels very sturdy and strong perfect for
a man.
Nick en 05/02/2022
Based on 22 reviews.

When will you have more stock?

text_answer It’s unknown.
Tuğran Cevdet en 04/06/2021
Based on 22 reviews.

looks perfect, original 24 hours automatic mechanism

finishing on edges is poor, very sharp watch case edges on wrist side.

It is a legendary komandrsky, any bad thing about it. 24 hours mechanism is unique, looks interesting. people curious about "24 hours" dial and how it works. Finishing could be better especially that on razor "sharp" edges. bracelet is "meh", you can change it with nylon nato.
Based on 22 reviews.


Michael en 10/03/2021
Based on 22 reviews.

Bezel rotating and rather useless

Quick delivery wthin 2.5 week!! Beatifull watch. Changed bracelet to blue silcon strap. Bezel looks shining white
Marcello en 23/02/2021
Based on 22 reviews.

Is it possible to fit any Meranom Milanese strap to this watch? If so what is the part number?

вадим en 07/11/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

соленоид - редкость . от "востока" однозначно нужно брать .

пока не знаю

когда приблизительно появятся в продаже ?

text_answer Неизвестно.
Gabriele en 12/07/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

very beautiful


is it possible to buy the bezel separately?

text_answer We don’t have this bezel for sale.
Jack en 09/07/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

It's a surprisingly great looking watch. Well built and keeps time well. It's my new daily driver.

Metal strap was not very good. I'd go for the NATO strap next time.

Love the watch. The Crown is something to get used to and it's hard to wind as it wants to screw down all the time. Lens feels like it'll scratch easily
But those are minor quibbles. Overall it's a fantastic watch which looks great.
Kindness en 13/06/2020
Based on 22 reviews.



Can you fit the antarctica case back on this model, and a plain bezel?
Can the movement fit in an amphibia case?

text_answer Yes, we can.
This movement fits to Amphibia case.
Игорь en 04/06/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

Отличные часы. Удобные, качество сборки на высоте. Информативные. Брал на море, без проблем.

Браслет на выброс. Ребята, не продавайте с этим браслетом,
все портит.

Хочу купить эти часы в подарок, но с браслетом НАТО хаки. Возможно?

text_answer Возможно, если купите нато ремешок как дополнительный товар.
Magnus en 05/05/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

Great quality product, the service was excellent and I am very happy. The adittional strap is also perfect. Nice work keep it up guys. Greetings from Germany.

Great quality product, the service was excellent and I am very happy. The adittional strap is also perfect. Nice work keep it up guys. Greetings from Germany
redsheep en 15/04/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

Does the model with the white dial all have blue numbers? Are there any ones with white dial, white bezel and black numbers?
Thanks hope to hear from you soon

text_answer Yes.
Georgi Mez en 15/04/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

Fantastic watch for fantastic price. It's my new favourite in my collection. The watch itself is pretty comfortable (I use it with a mesh bracelet). Sizewise it is on the bigger side compared to my slim 165cm wrist, but it sits nice. No protruding lugs. 24 hour dial is so much fun when someone asks the time. Keeps time very good (15sec/day) I have it for 3 days now. We'll see if it keeps that rate or not.
I like how it "snaps" the date exactly at 0:00. You can hear it and even feel it on your wrist.

A little sharp edges on the sides of the case and the crown, but I kinda like that industrial feel.
Lack of quick date change.

Solid watch. Worker. Very beautiful in white (for my taste).
Chris en 13/04/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

Does the Amphibia Classic betzel fit this watch?

text_answer Yes.
Stojadinovic Nikola en 02/04/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

Can you change the bazel,to put blu bazel on white dial,and if you can how much does it coast?

text_answer Add to card
The watch
Plus bezel you like:
Pay for change (clicking “Bezel changing”)
Анатолий en 18/03/2020
Based on 22 reviews.

На руке сидят идеально, читаемость отличная.

Пока не заметил.

Сегодня получил эти часы. Очень радуют. Только уменьшил браслет на 2 звена. Могу с уверенностью рекомендовать. Рекомендую, шикарные. Спасибо!!!
Arturs en 29/08/2019
Based on 22 reviews.


Are numbers on the dial navy blue or black?

text_answer Hello.
They are blue.
Gheorghe en 20/05/2019
Based on 22 reviews.

Good watch, automatic mechanism, water resistant (washing, rain test only), robust housing.
Хорошие часы, автоматический механизм, водостойкий (мойка, только тест на дождь), прочный корпус

This is my opinion only: I would liked this watch in a case similar with Vostok Watch Retro 2415 540932 and lether belt.
Это только мое мнение: мне бы понравились эти часы в корпусе, похожем на часы Vostok Retro 2415 540932 и kожаный ремешок.

I receive the order in just three weeks (very fast in my opinion), a good working watch who keep the time very well, does not go forward and does not stay behind since I started him five days ago. Thank you for your promptness and honesty.
Я получаю заказ всего за три недели (на мой взгляд, очень быстро), хорошие рабочие часы, которые очень хорошо следят за временем, не идут вперед и не остаются позади с тех пор, как я начал его пять дней назад. Спасибо за вашу оперативность и честность.
Nikola Karageorgiev en 06/05/2019
Based on 22 reviews.

I very like this watch, but I have question: what is actually number of jewels - 31 or 32?
Thank you!

text_answer Hello

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