Orologi Vostok Amphibia 1967 198500

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Add strap 22mm.:

The first Amphibia watches were made in 1967 in the Chistopol watch factory «Vostok» by order of the Soviet Navy and became a landmark timepiece of that time.

Professional sailors, divers and submariners chose Amphibia watches for their simplicity and reliability.

The mechanical Amphibia watches meet stringent requirements in aggressive environments, ensuring trouble-free operation at depths of up to 200 meters with significant temperature changes, extreme overloads and hits. The Amphibia was developed alongside foreign analogues, incorporating patent-pending solutions including a new seal design that has enhanced the production process. 

The watches were tested during naval exercises on the North Sea, imitating extreme scenarios where a submarine descended to the sea floor to a depth of 120-130 meters. A team of divers taking part in the rescue scenario were equipped with new Amphibia watches.  The Amphibia passed all naval exercises and watch tests, and in 1975, Amphibia watches visited space on the Soyuz-17 and Salyut-4 stations.

Amphibia watches have also been tested in less exotic, but no less spectacular ways. They have been hit with hammers, moved by heavy vehicles, thrown from great heights, and following each test, continued to work.

Inspired by old sketches and drawings, Vostok Watch Makers Inc. presents a special series of watches dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first Amphibia watches and to factory's 75th anniversary.

The watches are equipped with a 24 caliber Vostok 2415 movement with an anti-shock device within the balance node. During production each movement passes double assembly and testing controls. The reliable over-sized watch case can survive diving to a depth of 200 meters, and is made of bronze in the form of a «barrel» like its predecessor.

The original elements of the Amphibia watch, such as the crown, the back cover with the nut, the historical hands and the dial indexes are also painstakingly preserved.

Another feature of the watch is the sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, while the hands and indexes are coated with a Super-LumiNova. The same luminous provides an accurate and visual indication in the dark for the starting point of unidirectional bezel.An unique serial number is engraved on the back of each watch.

Buying an Amphibia watch, you become not only the owner of one model from a limited series, but you also acquire a piece of the history of a great country.

We trust that the renewed Amphibia watch with its appearance will convey the spirit of that age and gladden a new generation of fans of outdoor activities on land and water.

fabbricante ЗАО Чистопольский Часовой Завод "ВОСТОК"
Modello Амфибия 1967
Larghezza cassa, mm 42
Spessore della cassa, mm 15
Lunghezza (dalle zampe alle zampe) mm. 50
Fosforo Суперлюминова C3
alloggiamento Бронза CuSn8. Со временем на бронзе будет образовываться патина. Этот процесс начинается сразу после выхода часов из производства.
fondello Нержавеющая сталь
Quadrante Quadrante grigio scuro a raggiera
Corona Завинчивающаяся
Bicchiere Выпуклое сапфировое стекло с покрытием "анти-блик"
Impermeabile fino a: 200м
Cinghia Ремешок из натуральной кожи с бронзовой пряжкой
Larghezza di banda: 22
Il volume massimo del polso, mm 210
Colore cinturino Светло-коричневый
Meccanismo Восток 2415
Carica automatica Да
Carica manuale Да
Numero di pietre 31
Precisione ad una temperatura di 20 ± 5 ° C -20+60 секунд в сутки
Riserva di carica a carica completa, non inferiore 31 час
Tutta la vita 10 лет

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Roberto Acceso 15/07/2021
Based on 7 reviews.

Is this the same of 300 edition?

text_answer It is not the same.
Here’s the new dials and case.
Nikola Karageorgiev Acceso 13/06/2021
Based on 7 reviews.

For me the best and the most beautiful Amphibian watch is 090 model. Now in limited edition, with sapphire domed crystal, CuSn8 bronze body with beautiful radial cut ,all is written in Russian language, perfect lumi, very nicfe, soft and comfortable leather band with bronze clasp.


Excellent watch at all, this watch was my dream for long years. Sapphire domed crystal, excellent CuSn8 bronze body and clasp, all is written in Russian, also I love their movement: 19800 beats per hour with 31 ruby is movement you can really trust over the all life, I think. For me the best watch of all. They are so many interesting watches, but this watch are very original watch, this watch are very proud watch. Very big thank to Meranom!
Bernd from Germany Acceso 12/06/2021
Based on 7 reviews.

the watch itself is superbly made. Sapfir glass, lockable bezel. Fast delivery, the schedule fell short.

See poor seam processing of the bracelet.
The leather strap does not match either of the two pieces in graining. The short one is smooth and the long one has grain. For a $ 500 watch, I would have expected more. Not a great storage box but just a cheap cardboard box.

I waited a long time and acted quickly when this watch was on sale. The overall package is ok, but I would have liked a better box because of the limitation. And better quality control as far as the bracelet is concerned.
Arvydas Acceso 07/06/2021
Based on 7 reviews.

Мануфактурный механизм, сапфировое стекло, соотношение цена-качество.


Огромное спасибо сайту Мераном и лично Дмитрию Буялову за то счастье, которым я сейчас обладаю. Не часы, а
Alex Schneider Acceso 02/06/2021
Based on 7 reviews.

Здравствуйте, подскажите в каком обозримом будущем будут еще в продаже эти часы? Амфибия 1967 198500

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Алексей Acceso 01/06/2021
Based on 7 reviews.

Добрый день, скажите а из нержавеющий стали
тоже будут в продаже?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
В работе нет таких моделей.
Arvydas Acceso 28/05/2021
Based on 7 reviews.

Когда появятся в продаже?

text_answer Скоро.

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