Vostok Watch Amphibian SE 150B04

Price: 6150Р.
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Approximate price :$85/€72/£61

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Add strap 22mm.:

Mechanical Watch Vostok Amphibian SE 150B04. Vostok 2415.01 automatic movement. This watch has both a manual winding as well as an automatic winding. Screw-down crown (steel). Water resistance 20 atm (200 meters) - i.e. can be used for diving. In a set: watch, passport for a product, classic individual plastic packaging or cardboard packaging. Production of JSC Chistopol Watch Factory Vostok (Russia). 1 year warranty. Service life 10 years. The case is made of high quality stainless steel.

Manufacturer CJSC Chistopol Watch Factory "VOSTOK"
Guarantee Vostok Factory 1 year guarantee
Case width approx., mm. 41
Case depth approx., mm 15
Lug to lug size, mm. 46
Case material Stainless Steel
Bezel material Stainless steel
Lens Plastic, antique type
Water Resistant 200 meters
Strap width 22
Movement 2415.01
Automatic winding Yes
Manual winding Yes
Jewels 31
Accuracy -20 +60 sec/day
Power reserve Totally wound watches run not less than 31 hrs.
Average term of service 10 years
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André on 01/04/2021
Based on 36 reviews.

I hope you'll make new versions of this watch in different colours like you did with the Neptune.
You have already wrote it's not planned to be restocked, but I'll wait for that day anyway.
At a higher price it's still a must have.
Best regards Meranom.
June on 28/03/2021
Based on 36 reviews.

Will it be back in store?

text_answer Not planning
bednyo on 02/02/2021
Based on 36 reviews.

Dial is fantastic! Pretty good supplied NATO strap.

Crown not signed, odd lug holes position - not really a problem with NATO strap

How can I buy a bracelet with original curved endlinks? It's been almost 2 weeks since I sent an email to info@meranom.com, but no answer.

text_answer Bracelet is out of stock.
Егор on 20/04/2020
Based on 36 reviews.

Простые и надёжные.

За эти деньги простительны.

Великолепные часы, очень радуют глаз.
Рад, что приобрёл их. Желаю процветания ЧЧЗ!
Brian on 09/03/2020
Based on 36 reviews.

Is thr crown stainless steel on this one?

text_answer Yes.
Alfonso on 11/12/2019
Based on 36 reviews.

-¿Se puede cambiar el dial a este reloj? Por ejemplo al dial 916 y dial 510, comprándolo por separado?
-En caso afirmativo, ¿hay que contratar el servicio de cambio de piezas de repuesto por 5$?
-Si quisiera cambiar también la correa, ¿hay que pagar más de 5$ o es el mismo precio?

text_answer Buy the watch, the dial you want to change and pay for swapping.
One payment for service is enough.
Make a comment to the order what you want to change.
Robert on 05/10/2019
Based on 36 reviews.

You can't get a nicer watch for this price.
What a bargain!
Arrived in Holland within 3 weeks time.
Nicolas on 19/08/2019
Based on 36 reviews.

A watch from outer space!

At this price point, nothing

I own many watches, including some rather expensive ones, and this one is my all-time favorite. The funky mesmerizing dial has a touch of class, it's very strange :) and the case size is absolutely perfect for my 6"75 wrist. I recommend putting it on some bead of rice, jubilee or engineer bracelet for an extra vintage touch.
Кирилл on 08/08/2019
Based on 36 reviews.

Добрый вечер. Подскажите пожалуйста 1)
как будет выглядеть циферблат если поставить часовую и минутную стрелку чёрную ? Предварительно заказанную у вас. Гармонично ? Или лучше что бы были серебристые ?
2. Цвета на циферблате черные или немого серые ? Спасибо за ответ

text_answer Здравствуйте.
1. Нормально будет выглядеть.
2. Чёрные.
Jose Marie on 23/07/2019
Based on 36 reviews.

I just can say this is a lovely watch!!! This dial is...amazing, so special. Very different to others .
I love this cheap watch more than others I bought up to 6.000€!!!!!!!
Владимир on 24/05/2019
Based on 36 reviews.

Добрый день. Возможно ли приобрести и установить у Вас
42 брашированный корпус с этим циферблатом?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
У нас нет в продаже 420-х брашированных корпусов.
Александр on 24/05/2019
Based on 36 reviews.



Подскажите корпус брашированный? Коробка
как была -красная?

text_answer Да. Это видно на дополнительной фотографии.
Коробка стандартная, красная.
Дмитрий on 31/01/2019
Based on 36 reviews.

Когда будут в наличии?

text_answer В ближайшее время, не планируются.
Giacomo on 07/12/2018
Based on 36 reviews.

In house rugged movement, excellent design, good brushed finishing of case, great retro dial.
Overall excellent quality for the price

The bezel that is freely rotating both ways and has no clicks

Meranom is an excellent partner to deal with, a journey from Chistopol to Italy without issues.
Дмитрий on 16/11/2018
Based on 36 reviews.

Добрый день.

А возможно ли купить данный циферблат отдельно?

Спасибо. Очень классный дизайн.

text_answer Нет, нельзя.
vostokfanboy84 on 12/11/2018
Based on 36 reviews.

Great look


I ordered this right away when this was publihed. MEranom told that this is limited to 100 or 200 or something. Now i have seen that this watch has been over and over again in stock. So this is not limited piece?

text_answer Hello.
When we were making first batch in 50 pcs. we didn’t know if the watches would be demanded.
For the moment we hardly made more then 200 pcs.
Aleksei on 23/10/2018
Based on 36 reviews.

подскажите какой механизм стоит в этой модели?

text_answer Восток 2415.01
Rupert on 04/10/2018
Based on 36 reviews.

Great watch with retro dial and domed "glass" for a very reasonable price. Outstanding!

The accuracy is a little out of specs but I will regulate it myself. No problem!

Meranom is a great partner to deal with. Thanks a lot! Will do business again soon... ;-)
Ron Tierney on 12/09/2018
Based on 36 reviews.

Fantastic watch. Big, fun casual watch with retro, dartboard-style dial.

Nato strap it comes with is well made, but the orange is a bit too loud for me.

Vostok always make very well made, interesting watches that are terrific value. Meranom is great to deal with - their watches make the 14,000 km journey from Chistopol to Melbourne, Australia where I live without issues.
Растаман on 23/12/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Настоящие растаманские часы!
Dokter G on 11/12/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Could you please tell me if the case finish is matt or glossy? It seems matt on the picture but I'm not sure.
Also, would it be possible to have the dial changed to a 163 (submarine -red star bicolour dial)? Does the mechanism include a date?
Dr G

text_answer Hello.
It isn’t matt or glossy. It’s brushed.
Sorry for this model it isn’t possible that change the dial.
Сергей on 07/12/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Здравствуйте. Дав вопроса. 1. Желтый безель, пот, что на странице ниже, подойдет или нет? 2. Возможна ли доставка СДЕКом?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
1. По размеру, да.
2. Нет.
Денис on 28/11/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Задняя крышка стандартная?

text_answer Да
Дмитрий on 19/08/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Когда будут в продаже?

text_answer Может быть, в конце октября.
Stevan on 31/07/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Oh, no, I just wanted to oreder this morning, and it is out of stock! Will it be available again?

text_answer Might be few last pieces only.
Эмиль on 29/07/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

будут еще в продаже?

text_answer Будут. На следующей неделе.
Bull_Watches on 28/07/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Great price
Amazing dial
Very accurate +/- 5 seconds a day
A watch that everyone who sees it on my wrist love it!

Lume is not as great as I hoped, but decent and I can read the time if I get up before the sun comes up.

Have fallen in love with Vostok Amphibias and this might be my favorite model I've seen. Couldn't be happier!
Сергей on 08/07/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Здравствуйте, когда часы появятся в продаже?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Ожидаем на следующей неделе.
Александр on 22/06/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Когда снова ожидать в продаже?
кольцо между мех и корпусом пластиковое или металлическое?

text_answer Через пару недель.
Георгий on 13/06/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Изменится ли цена в ближайшем поступлении?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Пока, это не известно. Ждём вторую партию с завода.
Цена зависит от них.
Георгий on 13/06/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Добрый день!
Какие в данной модели импортные (китайские?) комплектующие?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Безель и ремешок.
Евгений on 13/06/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Добрый день!
Подскажите, безель со щелчками? Вращается в одну сторону или в обе? Задняя крышка прозрачная? Тип подсветки самый обычный? Не суперлюминова?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Без щелчков.
В обе стороны.
Задняя крышка не прозрачная.
Стандартный люминофор.
Саня on 08/06/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

Очень красивые

Не успел купить

Будьте добры, подскажите пожалуйста, когда примерно ждать в продаже?

text_answer Через две-три недели.
Николай on 06/06/2017
Based on 36 reviews.



Быстро разобрали, будут ли ещё такие?

text_answer Будут.
Ralph on 06/06/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

what caseback does it have?
Thanks in advance

text_answer Hi.
The standard one.
Владимир on 05/06/2017
Based on 36 reviews.

А головка цельноточеная из нержавейки ?

text_answer Да.

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