Why buy from us?

Why it is better to buy Vostok watches at our site:

We are located in Chistopol city and we are may be the closest retailer to the factory.

We have direct, personal contacts with production and engineering services, sales department, QC, warranty workshop.

The creation of new models of watches and improving existing ones are made with our participation and support.

We know about the Vostok watches almost everything. We have more than seven years experience in sales of watches and customers in more than 80 countries around the world.

Factory warranty is supported. We help with any questions related to service Vostok watches. We speak in Russian and English. All the watches are sending non Russian-speaking customers come with passport in English.

Before shipping each watch is checked with Timegrapher and if there is any deviation from the factory standards, we change or return the watch to the QC to solve the problem. We sell all the new watches with a minimum storage.

All Vostok SE watches, which Chistopol watch factory produces by our special request, are made on the same equipment and pass the same tests as other Vostok watches.

Each parcel is carefully packed.

Our customers can pay by whatever method they prefer.

We are open to dialogue in the major social networks and have a good reputation among  watch forums enthusiasts.