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Sturmanskie watch 2609/3747129 Gagarin
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Description On 12 April 1961, a Sturmanskie watch accompanied Yuri Gagarin on the first manned flight into space. To commemorate that momentous event, we now present the limited edition Gagarin Heritage collection – a range of watches worthy of the great hero. This model draws attention..
Sturmanskie watch 2609/3751484 Gagarin
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Description There are things that time has no power to change. No matter how far humanity has come in space exploration, Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space will forever remain an unrepeatable feat. The Gagarin Classic 33 watch was created for those who are not obsessed with momentar..
Sturmanskie watch 2416/4005400 Gagarin
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Description Sturmanskie watches proudly bear the title of space watch, because a Sturmanskie timepiece accompanied Yuri Gagarin on his first flight to the Earth’s orbit. Our Gagarin Heritage 42 collection carefully brings the classic design of the legendary watch to the modern age. This..

2021 is the year of 60th anniversary of the first human space flight.

In that first flight, Yuri Gagarin was wearing Sturmanskie watch on his wrist

Gagarin 60 years anniversary watches. Special price!


  • Reproduction of the original Gagarin’s watch
  • 3 models only (on a leather, textile strap or stainless steel bracelet)
  • Case diameter - 33 mm (the same as Gagarin's watch)
  • Only 60 pieces of each model worldwide
  • Commemorative box with the "60" number (in honor of the 60th anniversary of the flight)
  • Two engraving versions:
    “1961-2021 60 лет полёту Восток-1" (1961-2021 60 Years of Vostok-1 Flight)Or
    “Первые часы в космосе 1961-2021 60 лет полёту Восток-1” (The First Watch in Space 1961-2021, 60 years of Vostok-1 Flight).