Vostok Watch Amphibian SE 420B34

Price: 8400Р.
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Approximate price :$119/€104/£94
2 or more pieces: 7837Р.

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Mechanical Watch Vostok Amphibian SE 420B34. Vostok 2415 automatic movement. This watch has both a manual winding as well as an automatic winding. Screw-down crown (steel). Water resistance 20 atm (200 meters) - i.e. can be used for diving. In a set: watch, passport for a product, classic individual plastic packaging or cardboard packaging. Production of JSC Chistopol Watch Factory Vostok (Russia). 1 year warranty. Service life 10 years. The case is made of high quality stainless steel.

Manufacturer CJSC Chistopol Watch Factory "VOSTOK"
Guarantee Vostok Factory 1 year guarantee
Case width approx., mm. 39
Case depth approx., mm 15
Lug to lug size, mm. 46
Case material Brushed stainless steel case
Dial Sandwich
Bezel material Stainless steel
Lens Plastic, antique type
Water Resistant 200 meters
Strap type Mesh 20 mm.
Strap width 18
Wrist size, mm 220 mm
Movement 2415
Automatic winding Yes
Manual winding Yes
Jewels 31
Accuracy -20 +60 sec/day
Power reserve Totally wound watches run not less than 31 hrs.
Average term of service 10 years
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Андрей on 10/07/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Не успел прикупить на этой неделе!( Как скоро снова будут в продаже?

text_answer На следующей неделе ожидаем несколько штук.
Сергей on 09/07/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Подскажите, как подобрать переходное звено под 420 корпус..

text_answer https://meranom.com/ru/amphibian-classic/spare-parts/bracelets/vostok-watch-first-bracelet-links-on-42-case.html
caphesuada on 04/07/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Black frame hands on gold dial is striking.

Bezel combination looks bland.

Excellent color combination with sandwich dial.
The branding and the Made in Russia print are subtle, unprotrusive.
Fairly clean and attractive.
The lume fades quickly, but can actually last for hours at night. When eyes are adjusted to the darkness, the lume can still be visible up close at least an hour before sunrise if charged correctly.
Кирилл on 12/06/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Скажите, а чем эта модель отличается от модели 420360?

text_answer Почти ничем.
Трейго on 25/04/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Добрый день. Подскажите пожалуйста будут ли они ещё
в ближайшее время (месяц +-) если да то с ориентируйте по времени ! Спасибо за ответ

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Если и будут, то в лучшем случае в конце мая.
Bob on 27/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Looks very nice

Looking forward to seeing it for sale again!

Hello, will there be a new batch of these for sale soon?

text_answer Hello.
It will be, but not very soon.
Ivo on 21/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.



The timepiece is wonderful. I received mine to BG in less than 2 weeks.
The colour of the dial is super interesting and it is something between gold and yellow. At the sun light it is really gorgeous. The bezel case and the mesh are made from stainless steel. You feel the watch heavy and expensive.
Meranom you are super and thxs a lot.
ido on 18/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

will it come back on sale???

text_answer Some pieces very soon.
Вася on 14/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Добрый день. К ним чёрный безель есть ?
333 подойдёт ? Как будет смотреться?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Хорошо будет смотреться.
Инна on 13/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Добрый вечер. Очень интересная модель. Подскажите пожалуйста, количество выполненных, если такую информацию можно озвучить?
Когда ожидать в наличии? Заранее спасибо за ответ

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Количество небольшое.
В ближайшее время часы появятся в продаже.
Miguel on 12/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Very nice dial.

Only in 420 case

Hi, are there plans for future SEs in cases like 100 or 110? and red sándwich dials?

text_answer Hello.
No such plans at the moment.
Сергей on 10/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.



Цвет циферблата данной модели желтый или золотистый,как на видео? На метках и стрелках SuperLuminova? Планируете в дальнейшем выпустить спецсерию НВЧ-30? Спасибо.

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Как на видео.
Люминофор стандартный.
Пока, не планируем.
Anish Kumar on 08/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

It got out of stock so soon

When will this be available again?

Looks absolutely stunning. Sandwich dial in the color looks the best compared to black or blue. I think I'll wait for new stocks of this yellow dial than going for black or blue

text_answer Wait for next week.
Андрей on 07/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Будет ли ещё такого плана в наличии? Если да то когда? Спасибо

text_answer Такого плана часы и сейчас есть в наличии.
Конкретно эта модель будет ещё в продаже.
Надеемся, что скоро.
Можете добавить часы в лист ожидания нажав на кнопку Уведомить о наличии.
Kiril on 06/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Can I order this one, but with black dial and metallic hands?

text_answer You can order this:
Plus bezel:
Александр on 06/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.



Подскажите пожалуйста корпус брашированный?

text_answer Да.
Ivo on 06/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.



Hello. You have written Класика????
Isn't it SE???

text_answer Hello.
It’s SE.
Илья on 06/03/2020
Based on 18 reviews.

Интересная новинка, сразу же 3 расцветки!!!


Пожалуйста скажите, у всех трёх расцветок :
420В34, 420В35, 420В36 циферблат выполнен по технологии сэндвич?

text_answer Да.

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