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Vostok Watch Komandirskie 650539
Manufacturer CJSC Chistopol Watch Factory "VOSTOK"
Guarantee Vostok Factory 1 year guarantee
Case width approx., mm. 41
Case depth approx., mm 15
Lug to lug size, mm. 49
Case material Stainless Steel
Bezel material Stainless steel
Lens Plastic, antique type
Water Resistant 200 meters
Strap width 20
Movement 2426.12
Automatic winding Yes
Manual winding Yes
Jewels 31
Accuracy -20 +60 sec/day
Power reserve Totally wound watches run not less than 31 hrs.
Average term of service 10 years
Vostok Watch Russian Komandirskie 650539 can be purchased at official retailer of Vostok Watch-Makers Inc
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алекс от 14/08/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

здравствуйте. подойдет ли к ним 749 цифер?

Администратор: Здравствуйте.
Должен подойти.
Here Could Be Your Name от 06/08/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

When will it be in stock again ?

Администратор: We hope soon
Rusiri от 11/07/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Do the amphibian bezels fit this?

Do the amphibian bezels fit this?

Администратор: Yes.
Mike от 07/07/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Hello, is is possible to install glass or sapphire crystal instead of the plastic? Thank you

Администратор: Hello.
It’s impossible.
Paul от 01/07/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

The braclet is eady to adjust.

The braclet has micro adjustments

The braclet is not as heavy as solid link braclets, which is a positive if you want less weight.
Paul от 01/07/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

The braclet is easy to adjust.

The braclet is not too heavy, which is a positive.

The watch works well. A good value to have a GMT complication.
AZMAN от 16/06/2019
Based on 34 reviews.


brilliant ,2 week ship to Ireland,at the price point this is solid watch ,the shape and the size just perfect ,will keep the original look with the waffle rubber strap ,thanks meranom team,020 case soon...
Here Could Be Your Name от 14/06/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Great value for the money and nice "Art Deco-like" design.

Would prefer a satin finish to the case (as for instance with the 160 case). The circular brushed finish is maybe a little too rough.

1. Is it possible to remove the 24h hand and reinstall it in such a way that it has a fixed time shift (for instance +8h) in comparison to the 12h hand ?
2. There seems to be a metal cover on the minute hand. Does it belong to the minute hand or is it separate (this matters if one wants to change hour and minute hand) ?

Администратор: 1. Yes.
2. It’s separate.
Аркадий от 26/05/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Здравствуйте. А можно попросить при заказе выставить стрелку псевдо GMT по желаемому городу (часовому поясу)?

Администратор: Здравствуйте.
Думаю, можно.
Нужно, сделать комментарий к заказу об этом, уточнив на сколько часов и в какую «сторону» переставить 24-часовую стрелку.
Стоимость услуги:
Lorne от 24/05/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

great value for your money
Lume on the hands very good and lasts all night
Accuracy as stated in the specs

poor quality factory bracelet I changed it to a nato right away
Lume on the dots should be brighter, but they do last a long time

The watch is fantastic
Thank You Dmitry and eveyone at Meranom for your great service
Alex от 10/05/2019
Based on 34 reviews.



Можно циферблат 539 заказать отдельно?

Администратор: Здравствуйте.
Alex от 23/04/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Excellent watch and fast shipping. The only drawback is that I thought it had the killer whale caseback but it doesn't.

Администратор: Sorry.
The factory changed it without notice.
Фарит от 18/04/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Для чего большая красная стрелка ?? Как ею пользоваться??

Администратор: Для отображения времени в 24-часовом формате.
Marco Silva от 10/04/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Water resistance, stainless steel, great looking, historical value and price.

Rough edges, weight compared to the brass ones, the dial is easy to scratch due to the plastic/acrylic material but for the price I guess it couldn't get much better since I a Sapphire dial would make the watch much more expensive.

What is the weight of this watch? It would be nice to see this in the specs.

Администратор: 145 g.
Warrapol от 07/04/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

What is the crown material?
What types of box I will get if I buy this one?

Администратор: It’s stainless steel.
It comes with plastic box.
Long Tran от 18/03/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Hi, someone asked before and you answered that it's possible to put this movement into a 710 case, but is the process easy or do I need extra parts for it to fit into the new case (screw, holder)?
Thanks in advance!

Администратор: Hi.
All you need is the watch and the new case.
Гордеев Сергей от 11/03/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Добрый день.
Скажите, к ним подойдет данная головка ?

Администратор: Здравствуйте.
Сергей от 07/03/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Здравствуйте! Можно ли в эти часы добавить календарь? И еще: подойдёт ли этот калибр на 710 корпус?

Администратор: Здравствуйте.
Нет, нельзя.
Sergey от 25/02/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Один из главных достоинств-качество! Это не первые часы восток, в моей коллекции и ни одни из них меня не подвели! Отдельная благодарность "мераном" за упаковку и быструю доставку в Тулу (4дня).

Браслет. Хотя это уже придирки, за такую то цену!

У меня вопрос: почему на одних часах 31 камень на других 32? Почему на одних часах на крышке дельфин на других... Не дельфин?

Администратор: Разные механизмы и внешнее оформление.
czechoslovakia от 21/02/2019
Based on 34 reviews.

Hello, is it possible to replace 2426.12 with 2415.12
in this watch?

Администратор: Hello.
It’s possible.
Easiest way to remove 24h hand.
Nice Fellow от 20/12/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

1. Stainless steel case and bezel.
2. GMT function (slaved to an hour hand) which gives you 2 options - either see if it is AM or PM time or track a second time zone.
3. Affordable and a great value for money.
4. Solid reputation of a great watch brand - VOSTOK.

1. Slightly sharper case and lug edges than I would like to see and experience.
2. Non-hacking movement.
3. While a bracelet has slightly better quality than on many other less expensive Vostok watches, it could still me improved. Solid end links would be nice to have.
4. Acrylic crystal (I heard) is there by design to compensate for water pressure, but I would prefer that to be a sapphire.

All in all I like this time piece and hope to experience many years of enjoyment by having it on my wrist.
Rustydog от 30/11/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

Great watch so far. I put a nato strap on it and it really enhances.

None. As mentioned you can not set the gmt hand. Just adjust the bezel to the time zone you want.

Great shipping. 11 days from Meranom dropping off at Post Office to California delivery
Rolland от 20/11/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

Vostok watches are like a tank-very solid!
Gorgeous watches!
Thank you to the entire team meranom!
CHARLIE от 06/09/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

stuart neal от 12/07/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

this is a gmt movement?


price and features

Администратор: It is not GMT movement.
24 hour hand is not independent.
Мансур от 26/06/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

Отдельно продаётся?

Администратор: Здравствуйте.
Pedro от 08/06/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

Is the case polished or brushed?

Администратор: It is brushed.
от 22/05/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

1. Is it possible to install movement, dial and hands of this model into another case, for instance into case 100 or 710 ?
2. To which other case would the bezel fit ?
Thanks !

Администратор: Hello.
1. Yes.
2. It fits to 100 case.
Deniz от 07/05/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

Is the bracelet replacable? Can i also use it with NATO or leather straps?

Администратор: Yes.
You can use any 20mm strap.
XxX от 04/04/2018
Based on 34 reviews.



Исправьте описание, мешают поиску. Механизм тут 2426.12:

Администратор: Спасибо за замечание.
Валерий от 10/03/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

Здравствуйте. Безель из нерж. стали?

Администратор: Здравствуйте.
Jason от 22/02/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

Does the bezel "click" to lock it into position or does it turn freely.

Администратор: It turns freely.
Чао от 20/02/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

Добрый день, скажите пожалуйста . данные часы подойдет к
корпус амфибии (типа 120,710)?
например , циферблат к35 командирские вастанут в корпусе амфибии, но корпус уже скрывает индекс на циферблата.

Администратор: Здравствуйте.
Циферблат от К35 тоже можно поставить в 120, 710 корпус. Но часть циферблата (точки люминофора) будут немного закрыты кольцом герметизации.
Алексей от 28/01/2018
Based on 34 reviews.

добрый день. скажите, они с функцией GMT?

Администратор: Здравствуйте.
Не совсем. Это скорее dual timer.

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