Vostok Watch Bezel 02ku3 Stainless steel

Price: $10.80

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Bezel replacement on purchased watch:
Stainless steel
Dacril insert
Fits to cases: 02, 09, 10, 11, 15, 16, 35, 65, 67
Manufacturer CJSC Chistopol Watch Factory "VOSTOK"
Fit to cases: 090, 100, 110, 150, 020, 160, 670, 650,350
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Landen on 08/02/2021
Based on 25 reviews.

What color is this bezel? i can’t tell if it is black or navy blue

text_answer Black
James on 25/01/2021
Based on 25 reviews.

When will this bezel be available?

text_answer No info.
Oleg on 03/09/2020
Based on 25 reviews.

Он подойдёт на 81 корпус? Спасибо.

text_answer Нет.
Купряков on 03/08/2020
Based on 25 reviews.

Добрый день!
Скажите на Амфибия Reef подходит?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Eren on 06/06/2020
Based on 25 reviews.

Hello Why it doesnt fit 420 case ?
This product fits 65 case and there is the bezel that fits both 42 and 65 or 35 with 42 case on list

text_answer Hello.
It doesn’t fit to 420 case.
The bezel fits to all cases we called Universal.
Msg1 on 22/03/2020
Based on 25 reviews.

Will this fit a 710 case?

text_answer No.
DacK on 27/11/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

- Will this fit on a Komandirskie 650538 ?
- Is it really black ? (seems to be grey/blue by photos...)

text_answer Yes.
Роман on 23/10/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Не подходит на 100 корпус . Часы восток амфибия
в народе восьмигранка., Мех. 2409а. Безель не садиться т.к. мешает заводной вал.Как поступить, подскажите пожалуйста.

text_answer На современный 100 корпус Амфибии этот безель подходит.
Если у вас старый корпус 470, так называемая, «восьмигранка», то вам нужно ставить туда узкий, безель, подходящий на 42 корпус.
Роман on 08/10/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Не подходит на 100 корпус ( восьмгранка). Репеек завода мешает.

Как исправить, купить репеек завода или сточить немного репеек?

text_answer 02ку3 безель подходит на 100 корпус Амфибии.
Just on 06/08/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Hello, I have two questions
1. Will this bezel be restocked soon
2. If I buy this and K-35 in same order can I ask for this bezel to be put on before it being sent

text_answer Hello.
1. No info.
2. It can be. You should add this https://meranom.com/amphibian-classic/spare-parts/changing-spare-parts.html
Евгений on 16/07/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Качественный, красивый безель.

Мягкий( При снятии от пружинки деформировалась нижняя поверхность в нескольких местах(

Идеально сел на 670 корпус! Можно брать!
Никита on 02/07/2019
Based on 25 reviews.



есть ли возможность заказать такой золотистый безель как на 020741?

text_answer Пока, нет.
Milan Jocic on 01/07/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Good design,


like this bezel, bought two.
Fatih on 20/06/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Does it fits with 420 case ?

Does it fits with 420 case ?

Does it fits with 420 case ?

text_answer No.
George on 07/06/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Hello, would this bezel fit a vintage, non automatic, 115 case? Thank you.

text_answer Hello.
Nikolai on 03/06/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Will this bezel fit on a 420 case?
Does it come with a bezel retainer spring or must be bought additionally from shop?

text_answer It doesn’t fit to 420 case.
It comes with retainer spring.
Максим on 21/05/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Подойдет на 100 корпус

text_answer Да.
Илья on 20/05/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Здравствуйте , этот безель подойдёт на 120 корпус ?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Скорее всего, нет.
Bezel for 470? on 09/05/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Hello, sorry because I am no sure where or how to ask. It is this bezel correct for an old 470 case? Thank you.

text_answer Hello.
Сергей on 23/04/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Здравствуйте! Поверхность матовая или глянцевая?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Uros on 07/03/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Does it fit 81 Komandirskie case?

text_answer No
Petr on 02/02/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Do you know when this bezel will be available again? Thanks

text_answer No info.
Kyriakos on 02/02/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Will you offer other color in future??Black with gold numbers for example

text_answer No such plans at the moment
Николай on 23/01/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Здравствуйте.Какой у него наружный диаметр?Спасибо.

text_answer Здравствуйте.
40,5 мм.
Александр on 23/01/2019
Based on 25 reviews.

Вот еще бы разных цветов

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