Vostok Watch Komandirskie 020706

Mechanical Watch Vostok Komandirskie 020706. Vostok 2416 automatic movement. This watch has both a manual winding as well as an automatic winding. Screw-down crown (steel). Water resistance 20 atm (200 meters) - i.e. can be used for diving. In a set: watch, passport for a product, classic individual plastic packaging or cardboard packaging. Production of JSC Chistopol Watch Factory Vostok (Russia). 1 year warranty. Service life 10 years. The case is made of high quality stainless steel.

Manufacturer CJSC Chistopol Watch Factory "VOSTOK"
Guarantee Vostok Factory 1 year guarantee
Case width approx., mm. 41
Case depth approx., mm 15
Lug to lug size, mm. 48
Case material Stainless Steel
Bezel material Stainless steel
Lens Plastic, antique type
Water Resistant 200 meters
Strap type Stainless bracelet
Strap width 20
Movement 2416
Automatic winding Yes
Manual winding Yes
Jewels 31
Accuracy -20 +60 sec/day
Power reserve (hours) Totally wound watches run not less than 31 hrs.
Average term of service 10 years
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Adrian on 22/02/2022
Based on 23 reviews.

Very well made, robust heavy enough to feel that is good quality, and good movement

For this price you cannot buy a better build quality in my opinion is better than seiko and orient for their 200£ plus products and the movement is more
accurate than it says, it should be more expensive but that is just my opinion!
Андрей on 31/05/2021
Based on 23 reviews.

Скажите пож, какая разница между корпусами 020 и 030? Визуально по фото неясно

text_answer Теперь, 030 это брашированная версия 020 корпуса.
Fabian on 05/07/2020
Based on 23 reviews.

Hello, when will be available again?
Is it possible to choose a Vostok stronger steel bracelet ?
Thank you

text_answer Hello.
We hope that very soon.
Bracelet as well:
Add both items to waiting list clicking Notify if available.
Иван on 29/06/2020
Based on 23 reviews.

Than can the Komandirskie 531124 dail fit in some other automatic movement?

text_answer No
Иван on 29/06/2020
Based on 23 reviews.

Hello, can I purchase this watch with the dile of Vostok Watch Komandirskie 531124?

text_answer Hello.
It’s impossible.
Иван on 29/06/2020
Based on 23 reviews.

Hello, can I purchase this watch with the file of Vostok Watch Komandirskie 531124?

text_answer Hello.
What the file is?
Luca on 12/05/2020
Based on 23 reviews.



Is this watch water resistant like an amphibian?

text_answer Yes.
Сергей on 17/10/2019
Based on 23 reviews.

Добрый день. Ожидаются ли в продажу и когда? Диск календаря в чёрном цвете установить изначально возможно?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Пока, есть в наличии эта модель на силиконовом ремешке:
Диск заменить можно.
Для этого нужно купить часы,
И оплатить услуги замены:
Milan Jocic on 01/07/2019
Based on 23 reviews.

Very solid, well made.


Very comfortable, solid and keeps good time.
getting plus 3 seconds a day which is excellent.
Most of my vostok watches are between 5 - 10 Se onds.
Danil on 19/06/2019
Based on 23 reviews.

Весьма лаконичный дизайн, не требующий серьезных доработок.

Дешевый браслет.
Криво установленный безель. Потребовал WD40, для того что бы обрести способность двигаться.
Слабый люм.
Окошко даты белого цвета с невнятным светло красным циферем даты не впечатляет..

Все беды указанные в недостатках так просто лечаться, что на выходе получаешь стильные, качественные часы, удовольствие от которых кратно превосходит цену.
Раздумываю над заменой безеля. Но тут нужно примемерять и оценивать..
Danil on 23/05/2019
Based on 23 reviews.

Какой из металлических браслетов
подойдет к данным часам?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
С переходным звеном для 02 корпуса.
Piotrus on 10/02/2019
Based on 23 reviews.

Is curved end link available for this bracelet?

text_answer No.
But you can consider of solid stainless steel bracelet we sell as a spare-part.
It comes with curved stainless steel bracelet.
Даниил on 24/10/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

Будет ли этот корпус в полированном варианте?

text_answer Не известно.
Alex on 06/10/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

тяжёлые, красивые, читаемый цифер, оптимальный размер.

безель крутится в обе стороны,
родной браслет (из гнутой нержавейки) не качественный.
Универсальный браслет хороший, только застежка слишком тонкая.

заказал в дополнение универсальный браслет со звеньями для 020 и чистый безель. Смотрятся намного лучше чем на фото, сидят на руке отлично ( с универсальным литым браслетом). Чистый безель ставить пока не стал. Доволен . Часы классные - оч похожи на Гамильтон Офицер авто.
Jimmy on 05/09/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

Excellent, brushed case looks great. Bezel is very attractive and received tension is perfect. Dial texture and design looks very nice in person. Solid! Everything excellent.

Cutout for receiving caseback tab on the springbar side- some sharp edges, possibility for slight damage to a leather strap if manipulated a certain way while removing or putting on the watch. Fixed easily with some light filing.

Received this watch about one month ago, very impressed with looks, feel, everything. Great quality, great value.
020 case has good dimensions, very comfortable on wrist. My new favorite Vostok! Thanks to Meranom!
Nam on 10/08/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

I just received the customized 420 case with this 706 dial that I ordered from Meranom last month.
I am very happy with the watch, it looks fantastic.
Thank you very much Meranom, you are the BEST !!
Иван on 17/07/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

Браслет литой или штамповка из гнутых пластин?

text_answer Гнутые пластины.
Иван on 24/06/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

Возможно ли заказать такой циферблат и стрелки?

text_answer Можно.
Иван on 23/06/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

Есть ли такая возможность собрать эти часы в 420-м корпусе?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
Есть, если купите часы плюс 42 корпус и заплатите за сборку.
Безель с 02 корпуса на 42 не подойдёт.
Иван on 16/06/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

Скажите, пожалуйста, какого цвета циферблат.

text_answer Чёрного.
STIJN on 29/05/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

Does this watch have a screw down crown?

Does this watch have a screw down crown?

Does this watch have a screw down crown?

text_answer Yes, it does.
Nam on 08/05/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

Hello , when would you expect to have this model in stock ?

text_answer Hello. It is in stock. Please preorder this.
Алексей on 22/04/2018
Based on 23 reviews.

Пожалуйста, если есть возможность,
разместите еще фотографии этих часов с других ракурсов.

text_answer Скоро это будет сделано.

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