Vostok Watch Komandirskie 350607

Price: 6082Р.
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Approximate price :$83/€71/£61

Available Options

Add strap 22mm.:

Vostok 2431 automatic movement with central second hand

24 hours display

Date calendar

Over-winding safety device

32 jewels

Average daily rate: -20 ... + 60 sec.

Frequency: 19800 vibrations/hour

Power reserve not less than 31 hours

Stainless steel case

Plexiglas lens

Water-resistance: 100 m

Dimensions: diameter - 42 mm, height - 15mm

Nylon strap (ZULU type)

Average term of service - 10 years

Manufacturer CJSC Chistopol Watch Factory "VOSTOK"
Guarantee Vostok Factory 1 year guarantee
Case material Stainless Steel
Caseback Stainless steel
Lens Plastic, antique type
Water Resistant 100 meters
Strap type Nylon
Strap width 22
Movement 2431
Automatic winding Yes
Manual winding Yes
Accuracy -20 +60 sec/day
Power reserve Totally wound watches run not less than 36 hrs.
Average term of service 10 years
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Snag on 12/03/2021
Based on 24 reviews.



Hi, is the bezel removable like on the Amphibia? Seems VERY tight, doesn't want to come off.

text_answer Hello.
Daisuke on 02/11/2020
Based on 24 reviews.

We should call this watch "Stormtrooper 24H" because it looks like one, and would be very useful if you live inside the Death Star.
I wear it upside down on my left wrist so that I can easily point the hour hand to the sun to find south, and to prevent the crown from digging into the back of my hand. The dial is still easy to read because the 8, 10, 14, 16 hour markings are inverted, unlike any other 24H watches I've seen.
The 350 case is also used for the Amphibian SE, so maybe it can go 200m even though the spec is 100m.

No negative points for this watch.

The person who designed this watch is a genius and deserves a standing ovation.
It is much better than a Rolex Explorer II, Glycine Airman, Seiko Monster.
Egor on 13/10/2020
Based on 24 reviews.

Hi, where can I find spare 24h dial that would fit this watch?

text_answer Hello.
We don’t have it.
Paul on 04/09/2020
Based on 24 reviews.

Fantastic looking.
Keeps excellent time
Great value for money.


Had the watch now a couple of weeks and just love it. This is my second Komandirskie watch and I'm looking to get a third. Probably get an Amphibia next time. Excellent watch with unique style. I've had so many people ask where I got it from.
many thanks,
Milutin on 07/07/2020
Based on 24 reviews.

Watch is beautiful, wears very nice, it took 3 weeks to be delivered in this situation. Communication with seller excellent. Thanks! Will buy from You again!

Watch is beautiful, wears very nice, it took 3 weeks to be delivered in this situation. Communication with seller excellent. Thanks! Will buy from You again!
Павел on 09/08/2019
Based on 24 reviews.

Добрый день! Плинирую купить эти часы, но хотелось бы замененить штатную заводную головку на зг из нержавейки. Подскажите, что мне нужно сделать (докупить зг, как-то оформить соответствующую заявку и т.п.) чтобы получить на руки эти часы уже с зг из нержавейки, и на сколько эта замена увеличит исходную стоимость часов? Спасибо.

text_answer Здравствуйте.
На этих часах штатная головка из нержавеющей стали.
SIM on 16/02/2019
Based on 24 reviews.

Hello, is it possible to have this watch with the bezel of model 350747? thank you

Hello, is it possible to have this watch with the bezel of model 350747? thank you

Hello, is it possible to have this watch with the bezel of model 350747? thank you

text_answer Hello.
Fktrcfylh on 01/10/2018
Based on 24 reviews.

Здравствуйте. Можно ли будет заменить корпус на 420ый?

text_answer Здравствуйте.
rial on 23/09/2018
Based on 24 reviews.

Hello. Does the movement and dial for the 350607 fit in the 420 case? Could I buy this watch and swap to the 420 case?

text_answer Hello.
It might fit. But outer part of the dial could be cover by retaining ring of the lens.
Archo on 15/05/2018
Based on 24 reviews.

Does the movement and bezel fit on Amphibia 710 case? Could I buy this watch but ask for a different case instead while keeping the same movement and bezel?

Does the movement and bezel fit on Amphibia 710 case? Could I buy this watch but ask for a different case instead while keeping the same movement and bezel?

Does the movement and bezel fit on Amphibia 710 case? Could I buy this watch but ask for a different case instead while keeping the same movement and bezel?

text_answer The movement from this watch fits to 710 case.
The bezel might fit as well.
You have to buy the watch plus extra 710 case and pay for replacement.
Don’t forget to make the comment to your order what should be swapped.
Вадим on 26/02/2018
Based on 24 reviews.

Обнаружил, что часы встали вчера в 22.30. Насовсем наверно.
Потому что побывали в душе.
А до того как побывать в душе, потеряли стекло.
Понесу в мастерскую.
И это как понимать? За 20 лет таскания Амфибий и в хвост и в гриву чтобы стекло вылетело?

А вообще такое бывает?

text_answer Это не Амфибия. Это Командирские. В этом корпусе, в отличие от Амфибии, не стоит кольцо герметизации.
Вадим on 09/01/2018
Based on 24 reviews.

Всё ожидаемо.

На обоих экземплярах безель люфтит, свободно сдвигается одеждой, снимается пальцами без инструмента.
Один экземпляр после перевода даты "тикать" не захотел. Понёс в мастерскую. Там запустили.

Купил 2 экземпляра.
Артур on 29/11/2017
Based on 24 reviews.

Можно заказать эти часы с металлическим браслетом от модели 350617?

text_answer Нет, к сожалению.
Дмитрий on 16/11/2017
Based on 24 reviews.

24-х часовой механизм с датой
Дизайн и внешний вид

Органическое стекло

Искал Российские часы, суточники, в т.ч. и с нашим механизмом. Рад что нашел.
Качество исполнения хорошее. Не очень понравился безель "ромашкой", заменил на другой.
Brad on 13/09/2017
Based on 24 reviews.

Hello Can you supply in 120 case? If so how to order?

text_answer Hello.
No we can't. The dial opening in 120 case is smaller.
Дмитрий on 23/07/2017
Based on 24 reviews.

Подскажите пожалуйста, какие модели безелей подойдут к этим часам?

text_answer Любые из имеющихся в продаже на сайте.
theo s on 07/01/2017
Based on 24 reviews.

Quality, accuracy

The watch is very think. For me, no problem. But for others it could be.

Quality is surprising. My watch came very well withing cosc standards out of the box. Maybe it was regulated before sending ?
The build is good, solid brushed steel with no imperfections.
The band is well made, except for the buckle which is a little bit harder to use than with other bands.
Артем on 13/11/2016
Based on 24 reviews.

Добрый день.
Задняя крышка от амфибий подходит? ??????????????????

Добрый день.
Задняя крышка от амфибий подходит? ??????????????????

text_answer Здравствуйте. Подходит.
Душан on 16/10/2016
Based on 24 reviews.

Восток лучший.
Скажите пожалуйста, безель амфибий подходит на этот корпус?

text_answer Подходит.
Paul Aguayo on 24/09/2016
Based on 24 reviews.

I like everything about this watch. The detail, rugged look, and the easy to set the time function. The only reason I took it off was that I was painting my house & did not want to get paint on it. The date clicks to the next exactly at 2400 hours.
Александр on 21/06/2016
Based on 24 reviews.

22мм, в жизни смотрятся лучше

короткая секундная стрелка. дотянуть бы до меток.диск календаря цвет хотелось бы белый.чёрный менее читабельный.

А можно на них поставить заводную головку из нержавейки,заказать у Вас?

text_answer Можно.
Александр on 10/06/2016
Based on 24 reviews.

Какой безель сюда можно поставить из стали?

text_answer Любой, из имеющихся у нас в наличии на сайте.
DEH on 07/06/2016
Based on 24 reviews.

Watch looks nice

It never kept correct time. Minute hand progresses, but hour never changes.

I wish it worked

text_answer Please send the watch back for warranty repair. Sorry for inconvenience caused.
LJB on 22/05/2016
Based on 24 reviews.

Accurate and nice looking.

Date change happens at 1700.

Good quality band

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