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«I purchased a beautiful Komandirskie K39 393780 that was out of stock. I used the 'notify me' feature and what do ya know a short while later, like next day or two, I get email letting me know it was available. I bought it immediately, and it again went out of stock a few minutes later. Took only 16 days to reach me in the USA. The watch is absolutely beautiful, very well boxed in an uprated Vostok box. Well packaged and an overall great buying experience again. Thank you Meranom, that is how its done. Happy customer.»
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Steven Seale
Peachtree Corners, USA 10-02-2024
«I have just received my Komandirskie K-65. Excellent quality, packaging and service from Meranom. Highly recommended»
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Solon Raptakis
Athens 07-02-2024
«Love my new Amphibia received here in Louisiana, USA in 18 days. The watch is solid, not too big on my wrist and the weight feels great. Switched metal band to rubber strap since I like that appearance. Have placed many more Vostok watches on my wish list. I plan on buying more soon. Thank you Meranom. Outstanding rating!»
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Ronald Plauche'
Morganza, LA , USA 07-02-2024
«I had purchase many watch and parts for amphibia from, always the best! Thank you»
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Italy 05-02-2024
«Super top»
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Paris 06-01-2024
«Thank you for the prompt shipping of your watch. It arrived in excellent condition and was actually running which was no doubt because of movement during transit. If it was set at the factory before shipment then it kept very good time as it was exactly eight hours ahead of my time. This the third Vostok watch I've purchased and have been pleased with all of them.»
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Bill Wiznuik
Toronto, Canada 06-01-2024
«l'orologio mi è arrivato oggi 08 dicembre 2023, dopo poco più di un mese, Sono felice è molto bello! l'unico dispiacere e aver pagato ulteriore spese per i dazi doganali e commissioni postali.»
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Marconia fraz. di Pisticci (MT) Italia 07-12-2023
«Thank you Meranom! I received the watch in excellent condition and in just 18 days.»
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Gurgaon 18-11-2023
«Türkiye'deyim ve Komandirskie 020706 saatim 20 gün içinde teslim edildi. İyi paketlenmiş ve mükemmel durumda. Meranom'u ilk kez kullanan biriyim ve çok memnun kaldım. Teşekkürler.»
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İZMİR 16-10-2023
«I received the watch but the watch was dead on arrival, i have got it serviced by my local watch shop.. as it would be hassel to send it back to meranom.»
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New Delhi 13-10-2023
«beautiful watches,probab ly a little delicate on the charging knob but the two wathces are quite well finished, the vintage design is unbeatable, delivery aceptable evnthought a little bit longer due probably to the fake sanctions of Wester block to Russian comerce»
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Friuli 10-10-2023
«My "Scuba Dude" Finally turned up! What a little gem, I love it. The watch band is fine, don't know what everyone moans about! And the watch hasn't missed a beat. It's 112.29 am on my MAC and it says 11.29 on the Amphibia. My only dissapointment is I was hoping it would come in the orange cardboard box, but it came in the plastic case. I will request the cardboard next time I order.»
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Jakarta 09-10-2023
«Fast delivery and i couldn’t be happier with my watch. I highly recommend to friends and family. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great communication and it’s an absolutely amazing watch»
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Urban L
Hamilton 01-10-2023
«Delivery to Republic of Moldova 19 days. The watch is amazing. Thank you»
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Moldova 05-09-2023
«Thank you. Wonderful .»
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Constanta 04-09-2023
«Beautiful watch face, great watch.»
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Oxnard 22-08-2023
«thank you meranom, i ordered 2 watches, beautiful, arrived in just 2 weeks, i am very happy, great customer service, very fast responses. Good work»
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Italy 10-08-2023
«Заказ 183274, все отлично. Спасибо большое.»
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Велико Търново 07-08-2023
«Thank You, for 2 more beautiful watches that have been added to my collection. Total - 8 and still 2 more available places in my watch case .Hopefully those will be from my waiting list»
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NYC 13-07-2023
«Посылка получена. Большое спасибо.»
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Nikola Kostić
Belgrade 07-07-2023