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Komandirskie K-35
«Very nice watch delivered in 2 weeks to France. My first russian one, but not the last ! Thanks Meranom :)»
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Montpellier 25-09-2017
«Bought a watch120509, A watch was received 10 days later. Very good !»
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hong kong 24-09-2017
Vostok Amphibian Classic 120059
«Yesterday I received my scuba dude ... love the watch, thank you Meranom!»
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La Serena, Chile 23-09-2017
order recieved
«Thank you for the watch. It only took 12 days from the day i ordered now it's home(I live in Bulgaria) and I only paid the 69$ not even a dollar more. I'm supper happy about it. And for now it met all my expectations.»
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Sofia 20-09-2017
Vostok Watch Ship Clock 5-ChM Submarine
«Bought this clock and are very satisfied with the quality. Very good communication and kept up to date with the delivery progress»
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david wilson
Merseyside 18-09-2017
Amphibian Classic 670923
«Hello! I receive again quality, precision,styl e, new design, and custom with mesh bracelet and glass caseback. Thanks and all the best!»
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Bitic Gabriel
Rotterdam 18-09-2017
Amphibian Classic 710634
«Swiftly and securely dispatched. Thanks Meranom.»
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Sydney Australia 18-09-2017
Spare Parts
«I am very satisfied with the great quality of the services and shopping items: the best professionalis m level. If you don't want get wrong, meet Meranom!!! I highly recommend Meranom. Thanks a lot from Italy and see you soon for a new order.»
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Beautiful watch! (Komandirskie 350754)
«The watch was delivered to me in N.E. Thailand, carefully packed, 15 days from when I ordered. I'm very happy with your efficiency and the speed of delivery. The watch is impressive and I'm sure I'll be placing another order soon! Thanks also for your patience in answering all of the questions I had before purchasing the watch.»
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Graham Merkert
Sakon Nakhon, Thailand 06-09-2017
Amphibian SE 150B26
«Another fabulous watch in my favourite color, GREEN :-)»
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Perth, Western Australia 05-09-2017
«My first Vostok. Fantastic watch for the money and excellent service from Meranom.I can see why they can become addictive.»
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Gareth Barden
Sidmouth UK 31-08-2017
Impressed again and again
«Special edition Amphibias and Komandirskie K34 are my every day watches. No problems whatsoever. Great watch quality for fair prices. will be coming back again to get more. Thank you! Service is good and communication is prompt.»
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Toronto 30-08-2017
Komandirskie update
«While I am waiting for my 2nd Komandirskie (for my grandson) to arrive, I thought I would give a quick update on my 1st Komandirskie. I have been wearing it for a month straight now, and have not yet had to re-set the time. I just take it off and wind it every day, then back on the wrist it goes. Now I am getting ready to order an Amphibia. There is something special about Vostok watches that is hard to describe. For anyone on the fence about getting a Vostok, you will NOT be disappointed. Meranom is by far the best place to purchase from.»
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Demossville 29-08-2017
«Just a warning. ALL Vostok watches are very addictive. You can't stop at buying just one. Also, it's extremely hard to switch watches if you have a collection like me. For some reason, I keep wearing my Komandirskie. Vostok watches are just amazing with their rich history and great quality, along with low prices. Meranom is by far the very best place to buy a Vostok watch, and I WILL continue buying more models.»
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Demossville, Ky. 27-08-2017
Purchase spare parts
«All right, shipping in reasonable times. OK!»
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Italy 25-08-2017
2nd order to date.
«I recently ordered my 2nd Komandirskie for my grandson. After over a month on my arm, my first Komandirskie Is keeping perfect time, to the second. I usually wear a new watch for a week's testing period, then switch to another in my collection. For some reason, I can NOT stop wearing my Komandirskie. I wind it, then put it back on the wrist. It's so good not to have to worry about getting it wet. I have destroyed many mechanical watches by accidental submerging into water, however my Komandirskie can take a dip without any harm, and it's not even a K35 model. I will be ordering more watches from Meranom soon, Vostoks are the best for many reasons. Keep up the good work Meranom!!!»
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Jim Rees
Demossville, Ky. 24-08-2017
Komandirskie 350501
«Great watch! Everything works fine and it is a very good quality! Одличан сат! Све ради добро и јако je добар квалитет!»
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Младен Пановић
Београд 23-08-2017
Another beautiful SE
«Order arrived quickly (only 10 days from Russia to California!) and in perfect condition, and the watch is absolutely beautiful. Thanks again to Dmitry and the team at Meranom!»
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Larry Anderson
Ventura, California 22-08-2017
1967 Plus lots more from Meranom
«Absolutely outstanding service from Meranom . They are always willing to help and are credit to their industry. I personally have made many purchases from Meranom and all transactions have been perfect. I hope to buy more from Dmitry again in the future and I truly can highly recommend the Meranom web store. Than ks again to all the staff for all your help .»
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Sydney 20-08-2017
«Really good stuff! package, shipping, and products are as described, just the natoband is a bit too stiff.»
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diego reale
Vercelli 19-08-2017