Vostok Europe Mriya

AN-225 Mriya 2432/5526038
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Movement: 2432 Vostok Decorated automatic 2432 Vostok movement with blue parts 24-hours counter disc Two-color day & night indicator 31 jewels Shock-resistance balance Main daily rate from -10 to +30 s/day Central second hand Model features..
Vostok Europe Mriya

AN-225 "Mriya" (Dream - "Dream") - extra high capacity transport aircraft design bureau Antonov. The unique transport plane was designed and built in 1984-1988, respectively. The first flight took place December 21, 1988.

The reason for building the An-225 was the need for air transport system for the project space shuttle "Buran". The main purpose of a heavy transport aircraft in the framework of this project was the transportation of the various components of the launch vehicle and spacecraft from the place of manufacture and assembly to the launch site. There was also a major challenge to the delivery of the space shuttle launch site in the case of landing it on the airfields. In addition, the anticipated use of the An-225 as the first stage of the air space shuttle launch, which required the aircraft to lift at least 250 tons. Since the blocks of the launch vehicle "Energy" and he "Buran" have dimensions that exceed the size of the cargo bay of An-225, provided for mounting on the aircraft exterior cargo.

Cargo compartment dimensions: length - 43 m, width - 6,4 m, height - 4.4 m.pozvolyaet inside the fuselage to carry different loads, such as 50 cars.

Basel and the head of hours, "AN-225 Mriya," made in the form of the famous aircraft turbine blades of a giant.